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Top 10 Bathroom Items According to a Product Junkie

Updated: Dec 14, 2020

I have been asked a lot about what products I use other than Rodan + Fields. Clearly I use a ton of R+F and I could do a post just on those products alone, but right now I want to talk about more than skin. I want to talk about hair, lips, lashes, shaving, etc. I went through my bathroom and made myself pick the 10 things that I use on a very regular basis that I didn’t think I could find a replacement for. This was VERY hard for me because I have TONS of products. I mean I had to ask our contractors to give me the most storage possible when we did our master bathroom remodel. I tried to pick one or two things from various bathroom/beauty “categories” so that I wouldn’t get stuck on just skin care, body care, or hair care. All of the products I picked are things I use regularly and have used for a long time, so they are tried and true. The list is in no particular order because I don’t know if I could narrow things down even further and pick my favorites from these ten. Instead, I’ve listed them in the order of the photo from left to right and have given links to everything possible.

1. Rodan + Fields Micro-Dermabrasion Paste: The exfoliant of your dreams!!!! It is a salt + sugar scrub with a delicious smell that leaves your skin feeling absolutely phenomenal after just one use! I use this bad boy on my face two to three times per week to slough off all of any dull, dead, or rough skin. I also use it on my body to prep it for a spray tan or to smooth out any dry skin, like on my heels and elbows. This product helps your other skin care products work even better because younger, more youthful skin can shine through after those dead skin cells are gone. Along with younger looking skin, it will leave you with smoother, brighter, more radiant skin as well.

2. MONAT Studio One Dry Shampoo: The best dry shampoo I’ve ever used! I don’t know a ton about the science behind this product because I’m not a market partner with MONAT, but I do know they use all natural ingredients and that this dry shampoo is one of the few that is non-flammable. I love it because I don’t have to use a lot for it to work and it takes away any signs of dirtiness or oil in my hair without weighing it down. If you know a MONAT gal you should absolutely ask her about this product. If you don’t know one and want to try it let me know and I will be happy to connect you with my girl!

3. The Billie Razor: The closest shave I’ve ever had without getting razor burn! I have a ton of allergies and crazy sensitive skin, so razor’s are hard for me and are a bit scary. When I first started shaving as a teenager I went through so many different kinds of razors, shaving cream, and shaving gel trying to find one that would work well without leaving me with nasty red, itchy bumps on my legs. I found a razor that was ok, but not great and stuck with it because it didn’t hurt my skin. I started hearing about Billie and after reading all of the reviews decided to give it a try. I’m beyond impressed! First of all, it’s cute. Second of all, it has a magnetic holder for the shower so it doesn’t slide around or fall onto the floor. Third of all, it’s a great value for what you get. The starter pack comes with the razor handle and magnet in the color you choose plus two razor heads. You then get to pick how frequently replacement blades will be shipped to you, but you can also go into your account and have them shipped sooner or delay the order if the length of time you originally picked isn’t right for you. This razor gives me such a great shave and leaves me with super smooth skin even after using the blade several times. I highly recommend it!

4. The Billie travel cover: The most convenient cover and travel razor option I’ve ever seen! The cover can be the same color as your razor or another color if you want to mix it up some. It fits easily over your Billie razor and makes packing and traveling with the razor very easy. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve packed my razor only to find that the razor head has been broken off during the travel process. This keeps your razor safe and fresh while you travel without having to worry!

5. A safe hair tie: No breakage here sister! My two absolute favorites are these smaller scrunchies and the spiral hair tie. I love this small scrunchie because I’m not ready to embrace the huge ones yet, but they’re still a safe material to prevent breakage in your hair while you have a pony, bun, or top-knot in. I use this one for cute/nice ponytails and top-knots. The spiral is a great option to prevent breakage while also avoiding leaving that terrible ponytail line in your hair when you take it out. I use the spiral for the shower, the gym, while washing my face, and basically any time that I want my hair up for the time being, but don't want to show any evidence that it was up once I take it back down.

6. BaByliss Pro Nano Titanium Curling Wand: For the curls you see in almost every single one of my photos! I’ve been searching for a wand, not an iron, with extended length for a long time and this was the perfect solution! I cannot make an iron work for me because I always get a kink in my hair from the clip, but a wand has always worked great on my hair. I love this specific wand because it has the extended barrel for us long haired gals that I had been looking for, the titanium keeps your hair shiny and soft, and it has a heat control so you know you’re not burning your hair off. I use the 1.25 inch, but it comes in three different sizes depending on your preference.

7. L'Oreal Lash Paradise Mascara: Hello lashes for DAAAAAYS! I love this mascara because it comes at a drug store price, but gives you high end results! It gives both length and volume and comes in several shades of black and brown for your preference. It also comes in water proof if that's something you want or need in a mascara. It's better than almost any other mascara I’ve tried no matter what the price has been and will be the mascara I use forever now that I know how amazing it is!

8. Lip Color: It gives me joy! I’m totally not a make-up girl, but I truly LOVE a good lip color! That blue bag has so many lipsticks, stains, and glosses in it and I love each of them! I think a good lip color can make or break the look you're going for and having some go-tos on hand is always a must! My two favorite kinds are both by NYX and are both matte. One is a lip cream and one is a lipstick, but both have great pigment at a very affordable price and come in tons of colors. I totally have a few different colors in each kind. Another brand that I love is Lipsense, which I have always purchased from a Lipsense distributor. It is a long lasting stain and has several different finish options from sparkle, to gloss, to matte, and several in between.

9. Fold Over Headband: No slipping or headband line! I’ve used these headbands for YEARS! It’s been so long that I couldn’t even find a trustworthy link for these anymore. Apparently the thing to do now is to buy a roll of the fold over fabric to make your own headbands and hair ties with it. I love them because they don’t slide off while I’m working out, don’t leave a line in my hair, and don’t squeeze your head. They also come in all kinds of fun colors and patterns! Some of the best roll options I've found are on Etsy.

10. Rodan + Fields Active Hydration Serum: A drink of water for your face! This serum is one I use EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. It is ultra hydrating and pulls in moisture from the air to hydrate your skin by 200%! It’s different from a moisturizer because it treats deeper down to balance your skin’s level of hydration while moisturizers just treat the surface. For me personally, it treats my dry skin as I’m naturally very dry and love how hydrated this makes me feel! It also helps decrease oil. I know you’re thinking that sounds crazy, but your skin is often oily because it is dehydrated and produces excess oily to compensate for the dehydration. I love it more than I can even describe!



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