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Brittany Hembrough

L I F E S T Y L E   B L O G G E R

fun facts


One day my cousin/brother, Ryan, found dog siblings out of the blue. He was convinced we needed to get them together, so after much conversation, I just couldn’t say no to Ryan’s wild plan or to the sweetest puppy face that was staring at me!

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Type 8 and proud of it! Some people think us 8’s are intimidating and can be hard to get along with, but to really know us is to truly love us.


My family is THE MOST important thing to me in my entire life. Whether they're my "real" family or the family that I have chosen over the years, they are everything to me.

It's about way

more than...

...storytelling! Don’t get me wrong, I love sharing stories and will absolutely be doing plenty of that on here! However, I don’t want to simply share stories with y’all for the sake of sharing. I want to share stories so that I can connect with you. I likely won’t be...

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